Here was a demonstration by The Balvenie Head cooper Ian McLeod, who has worked at the distillery for 54 years. The video was captured in the dunnage warehouse instead of the cooperage to allow for better communication, so the footage was also captured from the doorway from the dunnage warehouse. It was fascinating to learn and hear about many things Ian had encountered over the 54 years since joining in 1969. One stand out thing for me, was that woman were employed in the cooperage at Glenfiddich during his initial start, but when the cooperage was moved to Balvenie it changed to a male workforce, with the females moving into the bottling plant. The video is credited to a great person I met on a couple of tours and later at the Highlander Inn, so thanks to Dimitri A, as he kindly shared this due to the footage only being captured form the doorway of the dunnage warehouse which left room for one person. #thebalvenie #spiritofspeyside #cooperage #cask

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-04-29 06:18:27 UTC