Balvenie maltings, 25 tonne of barley deposited at a time. This particular grain in the first photo is the Home grown barley from the lands owned by the Grant family and leased out to two different farming families. Below is distillery ambassador James Roberts having a go at turning the green malt. Once leaving the Shiel it was advised a good scoop was when you heard the grain hit the ceiling. And Brian is seen dipping the wash back for us to try the wash. On the last photo it shows the separate wash backs for the Kininvie liquid produced on the same site as Balvenie, but is run through separate Mashing, Fermentation, and distillation stills. #thebalvenie #spiritofspeyside #maltings #stills

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-04-28 18:44:45 UTC