Tonight’s Tipple #001 Oban 10 yo Special Edition 2022 - the leaping hare This was purchased from Wegman’s around early 2023 for ~$125 US. My local shop has it at an eye-watering TWO hundred and fifty. Take a breath! For a long time the 14yo was one of my standard “go to” bottles, but I recently moved my allegiance to the non age statement “Little Bay”. Partly on the basis of price (around $45 here in NJ vrs close to $80 for the 14) and partly on the basis of taste. Nonetheless, I have an affection for the distillery and the brand. In the past I have enjoyed the “Distiller’s Edition”, so this was an interesting first go. COLOUR: golden, brass even, not coppery, no redness at all. The colour has definite depth however and isn’t watery. It maintains its depth up to the rim and has long legs. A very good first impression. NOSE: initially toffee / caramel that changes to sherry with a calm ethanol and a “freshness” underneath. Lavender and hints of Parma violets and perhaps banana. With time, pineapple. It definitely draws one back for another sniff, that’s for sure! MOUTH: some viscosity but not oily. Fruit. Red berries. Not tannic, not dry. I’d not say there was a lot of first-fill wood here, but we’ll constructed nonetheless. Spirity but balanced and not raw. Warm in the mouth, but not acutely peppery. Long in the mouth. More tongue than throat or nose. Fades to malt extract. Very “more-ish”. CONCLUSIONS: this was tasted at “bottle half full” stage. I *like* this. I want to keep the rest of the bottle for a while. Worth the money? Yes. It is bottled at 57% and quoted as “vibrant sherry and spiced plum”. OK. Whatever. I never taste “saltiness” or “maritime/ seaweed” often quoted. This is a definite “must have” for those who like this distillery, but could be second line for Islay lovers. I *will* buy the 2023 and continue to follow this distillery. The final nose was digestive-biscuity and sweet and sherry, with a little bourbon. What do YOU think?? ScotShot out!

Posted by ScotShot at 2023-04-26 01:02:09 UTC