Regarding the Glencairn glass, main subject of this week’s episode 999 (!!), here’s a lineup of my go-to whisky glassware. For me, Glencairn is perfect for sampling. I bring two or three to any tasting or club meeting (a chartreuse zip tie on the base to tell my glasses from those of others). Ideal for a 1/2oz pour. But I find that the Glencairn tends to close down the nose of anything poured beyond about 1oz. So if I’m sipping neat and not looking to take notes, I reach for either a Kentucky Bourbon glass or a Túath glass, both of which preserve the nosing qualities of a Glencairn but are shaped in a way that handles a standard 2oz pour much better to my taste. As with any task, it’s about choosing the right tools.

Posted by Scott Rogers at 2023-04-14 13:45:16 UTC