I listen to WhiskyCast on Spotify. After finishing the episode, it will often “auto play” a prior episode. A few times it has gone back a few years and played an episode. It was interesting to hear the former advertisers, but overall the news and format was much the same. However, the past day, it went all the way back to episode 1! No ads, just some background “transition” music and Mark’s silky voice. The episodes are short, but still with heavy hitters. Ep 1 had Jim Swann and Ep 2 had Jim McEwan. Ep 3 covered Victoria’s first every whisky festival! With the upcoming 1000th episode, I was wondering—what have been the biggest changes in the whisky industry over the life of the podcast? Mark may address this in the celebratory episode, but I would love to hear his thoughts on this. I’m sure there is a lot to cover there over 17-18 years!

Posted by DocMartin at 2023-04-12 17:11:30 UTC