Hello everyone! They say never start a sentence with - it goes without saying, well because if it goes without saying so why are you saying it? 😉 I’m Johanne, I’ve been drinking whisky for longer than my mother cares for me to say out loud. I’ve been doing the “social media” thing for almost 11 years as Whiskylassie. Started a whisky society, then blogging, then judging which led to all the wonderful things that I get to do as Whisky Lassie. One thing I truly miss on the social media platforms: Real discussions. They gradually were overtaken by trolls, naysayers and keyboard warriors. Would love to see real discussions take place here, safe ones without sexism, judgment or backlash. Mark - thank you and your team for all you continue to do and I look forward to what this “place” might become. Cheers! Johanne

Posted by whiskylassie at 2022-10-13 12:26:27 UTC