I was the presenter at my whiskey club for our March meeting. I was tasked with presenting Irish whiskey and giving a talk on its history and current state. I opted to open with 3 classic Irish whiskeys and then go with their 12 year old version for round 2. In round 3 I went with new Irish distilleries. All rounds were blind tastings and scored 1-10 and then ranked 1-3 in case of a tie. Round 4 was the culmination of the first three rounds and again was blind. The 4th round consisted of the winners from each round, Bushmills 1st round, Powers John’s Lane 2nd round, and Telling Single Pot Still wonders of oak series. Powers John’s Lane was the overall winner in the end. A great night was had by all.

Posted by Jerry at 2023-04-08 04:28:40 UTC