So, my whisky adventure is just starting, up until 2 years ago I couldn't stand even the smell of it. Now, you can't keep me away from it. I think that I've tried maybe a hundred whiskys from pure white corn liquor straight from the worm in the great out doors, to a single malt 12 and a lot of recipes in between. Me and my little 20 gallon copper pot kept chugging away at triple grain builds, Grains and honey, grains and canes, what ever I can get to ferment goes into "Crosby". When I'm doing a run my friend said I was listening to Crosby Stillz and Mash. I've nailed down my builds to 5 base spirits to start our Distillery, but my methods are a little unconventional, and I have been getting some good results in blind tastings where most people are finding it difficult to believe it's not been aged over years in casks. I don't know what to call it, according to US laws a whisky must be aged in a new oak barrel for no less than 2 years to be called a whisky. I don't use barrels, I use the local Valley Oak from my area, toast and charr it myself. I prefer it, the vanilla, caramels, and sweetness that I get from a light toast, and combined with the dark char to give it a tobacco, leather, library smell that has sent closed eye smiles across the faces of those select few who have encouraged me to "stop being selfish and share your talents and creations to the world". My new friends, this is the beginning of my adventure and the birth of a new distillery (if I can figure this all out). Care to come along?

Posted by captainmurphy66 at 2023-03-24 18:00:19 UTC