Finally got time to share my Bourbon Trail trip details. First we flew in Nashville and swung down to tour Jack Daniel’s. I’d been there before but my group hadn’t. They do a great tour. I’m not the biggest Jack fan but man, you get caught up in the experience and it tastes so good at the end of the tour! Drive up to Makers Mark next day, another great tour. Maybe the most beautiful of the distillery grounds in my opinion. Didn’t have time to hand dip at the end as the tour was longer then anticipated. Bardstown Bourbon Company was next with the Rickhouse Barrel Thieving tasting. One barrel was a 95/5 rye and it smelled like bubblegum. Craziest rye I’ve ever tried. Finished the day off with the standard tour at Jim Beam. Nothing to complain about there, all in all a great day. Next day was Buffalo Trace. Got there in time to see Blanton’s on the shelf but the line was crazy so just waited for the Hardhat Tour. While waiting I spotted Harlan Wheatley. He was kind enough to chat for a few minutes. Athens hardhat tour was really cool and different. After the tasting at the end the guide surprised us with some reserved Blantons for those who missed it because of the line. Then we went to Kentucky Artisan/Jefferson’s for a tasting. Was neat to go from a gargantuan facility to something much more intimate. The day was finished off at Michters bar. Last day was Heaven Hill. Waiting in line for the daily exclusives and the 125 proof EC “grenades” sold out when we were like 7 people away. Then the Bernheim sold out with the person directly in front of me! Then it was back to Nashville for a night of great food and music. Already looking forward to next years trip!

Posted by Christopher Glenn at 2023-03-14 19:02:57 UTC