I have a question for anyone who perhaps has a bit of insight into the industry or has done mashing themselves. Does adding 5-10% malted barley to a mash bill of other un-malted grains really provide enough enzymes into the mix to break down all the starch present into sugar? I know that a single enzyme can process many starch molecules. Even so, that amount seems a bit low, and I wonder if it's necessary to supplement the naturally occurring enzymes in such a mash bill. Is the 5-10% malted barley added purely for the enzymes it contributes, its contribution to flavour, or a bit of both? I know this is a pedantic question that gets into some geeky topics, but I would be very interested to know if any Bourbon producers, for instance, add enzymes to the mash. And if not, are the implications that the mashing must be longer and more carefully regulated than in 100% malt whisky?

Posted by Willem Kilian at 2023-03-09 07:30:37 UTC