I saw an Instagram video which I can't decide is real or a parody, of an English elderly gent giving etiquette advice, and it was a classic 'You don't have Coke with a single malt whisky!' I, and many others, in the comments were disagreeing, while others were saying Coke was ok with Jack Daniels or a cheap blend. I believe - and I'm trying to quote Rachel Barrie here - that it's your glass, your way. With Coke, ice, water, ginger ale, in a cocktail, with a beer... The important thing is that you treat the whisky with respect. Even Jack Daniels No. 7 is made, matured and blended with care - and the benefit of industrialised processes. I'm sure there are monied folks who like to show off drinking Pappy and Coke or Blue Label and ginger ale because that's all they know, but if you're drinking what you enjoy in the way you like, is there ever a reason not to?

Posted by Chris Ratcliff at 2023-03-02 21:26:23 UTC