Our tasting this month was last night. We sampled the Kirkland (Costco) Islay Single Malt. I can't say enough good things about this one. The 100 proof definitely showed up on the first sip and to me, helped the flavor stick around. Opening the bottle was campfire, smoke and a bit of brine. Just what I would expect from a good Islay. The first sip was very hot and no doubt it was 100 proof. The mouthfeel was nice and silky. The flavour...omgosh. Sweet, honey, sugar, very smokey, lot's of campfire. This is an unapologetic Islay, similar to Ardbeg, but sweeter and more put together it seemed to me. I paid $58 for this after taxes..but would pay $100 for it. So so so good. The finish was the same as the mouth. Long and lingering, sweet, even on my breath long after swallowing it.

Posted by tim.horine at 2022-12-19 17:53:25 UTC