New friend and longtime multi-FoaF Tammy Coxen has been releasing videos & blogs on her grandmother's collection of Mini Liquor Bottles as "My Tiny Bottles". It's a 3 step process, a "Reveal" video with a handful of mini bottles selected at random, a deep-dive "Research" report on one bottle/label/brand, and a "Tasting" of that bottle and/or a proxy or modern-equivalent with a guest taster. It's mostly liqueurs of interest to Cocktail historians and mixable or plastering nips of liquor, as the high-end is rare in nip size, but her exposition of industry history is interesting, and she's already found several well-known Bourbons, Scotches, and Canadian Whiskies. One of the old blended scotch brands that turned up, Bell's Special, was in a pretty but damaged plastic bottled (shaped like a bell, naturally). Our tasting club had received an old closet cleanout bottle of this same label, roughly same vintage, several years ago, which I was able to provide as a proxy for Tammy's spoilt bottle. The resulting tasting was video recorded has just released today. * & @mytinybottles on YouTube To follow the Bells thread, order would be Reveal #8, Bottle #43, then Tasting #21. To date, Makers Mark, Black Bottle, Jack No 7, Wild Turkey 101, VAT 69, Bell's Extra Special, Suntory Royal, The Glenlivet 12, Noblesse Canadian, & Long John Scotch Whisky Special Reserve have all made an appearance so far. Since her Grandma was Canadian, much more Canadian Whisky should be expected. For those that like cocktails or industry history, this will be even more fun.

Posted by bill.n1vux at 2024-06-18 22:28:32 UTC