The day has come that I never thought we’d see. Dennis Malcolm is retiring next month as Glen Grant’s master distiller. ————————— Rothes, Scotland – The Glen Grant today announces the retirement of Master Distiller Dennis Malcom OBE, who has been central to preserving the brand’s heritage and exceptional quality through his historic tenure. An icon of the Scotch Whisky industry, Dennis will bid a fond farewell to his role at the end of June, after an accomplished six-decade long career. Greig Stables, who has worked closely with Dennis for many years, will assume the Master Distiller role at the storied Speyside distillery. As one of Scotland’s longest serving Master Distillers, Dennis Malcolm has a lifelong connection with The Glen Grant, being born on the distillery grounds where both his father and grandfather worked. His path into the industry seemed destined from the start, and he began to train as an apprentice cooper at just 16 years old. After developing his passion for single malt whisky, Dennis embarked on a journey along the world-renowned Speyside whisky trail, as Distillery Manager and Ambassador for The Glen Grant as well as several other single malt distilleries. In 2006, when Campari Group acquired The Glen Grant, Dennis returned to his birthplace as Master Distiller, shepherding in a new era of prestige and transformation for the brand. Ten years later, in 2016, Dennis was awarded the honour of an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to business and the Speyside community. Dennis reached a remarkable milestone in 2021, as he celebrated 60 years in the industry, a testament to his devotion and dedication to creating exceptional single malt whiskies. Dennis Malcolm OBE said, “As I look ahead to my retirement, it has led to much reflection of my career over the past 63 years. I am immensely proud to have been part of The Glen Grant family, and I say family because I have always considered my time here as a way of life and not a job of work. While I will always be a whisky-maker at heart, I look forward to settling into a new phase, spending time with family and enjoying my beloved Rothes. I know the legacy of The Glen Grant will now be in the safest of hands with Greig. I raise a toast to him and his unwavering passion for The Glen Grant.” As of July 1st, Greig Stables, previously Distillery Director, will be formally appointed into the role of Master Distiller. Greig has worked at The Glen Grant for over 18 years, during which time he was responsible for the operational management of the distillery, leading a team of 36 people and overseeing the production process, from raw materials sourcing to distillation, aging, blending and bottling, to ensure the highest quality in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. During his tenure, Greig has worked closely with Dennis to shape the future of the distillery and played an instrumental role in developing the site capacities and capabilities to sustain the ambition of growth of the aged range.

Posted by Mark at 2024-05-15 23:04:58 UTC