Was 2007 the year of bad cork harvest? This week i had an old cork shear off, first time in quite a while. Maybe I was distracted and careless. Not stuck well enough to extract, but the handkerchief trick worked fine. Whisky already back in the bottle, a patent toggle super in the bottle neck, and well aerated Scotch in my glass. Letting the oenophiles convince us to prefer these half-cork, half-cap abominations because "cork is classy" was an error. The old screw-tops if you can find them are often in better condition than younger cork! (It was an i.b. Arran 10 '97/07, 43%. I'm not naming names as I don't think it was the bottler's fault. I will say iirc it was a bargain that followed me home when i was professionally visiting retailers, so saw the closeout bins regularly, not something i sought; and so not from either of the i.b.s I'm known to be partial to.)

Posted by bill.n1vux at 2024-04-07 03:58:28 UTC