@hrc and I with some members of our Whiskey Club went to Peerless Distilling Co. today. I have met Corky Taylor two times prior to today. The first time I was talking pictures of the framed burlap feed bags that were used to insulate the walls and floors of the building that the distillery is now housed in. While taking pictures a gentleman spoke up to explain how they had discovered the bags. I was shocked to look behind me and see Corky. We (@hrc and I) talked about the distillery and shook hands as he went off to do more important work. @hrc wife and my wife asked if we had gotten a picture. 🤦 Strike One. Last year we visited and at the end of our tasting Corky showed up to talk to the group. He was gone shortly after and I missed talking to him. Strike two. Today, we did a tasting and when we went to purchase our bottles, Corky was there! He signed our bottles and spoke with us a bit before he met with other customers. HIT! Such a great guy.

Posted by TheTracerBullet at 2024-04-06 00:29:42 UTC