It’s alive!!!! ———————————— In a landmark moment for Scotch whisky the iconic ‘ghost’ distillery, Port Ellen, returns after more than four decades of closure. Opened today on the world-famous whisky island of Islay, the legendary distillery has undergone a radical transformation which draws on its pioneering heritage to lead a trailblazing future. Specially designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of Scotch through visionary experimentation and uncover the mysterious dimensions of flavour in smoke, Port Ellen has been re-envisioned for the future of whisky distillation. Port Ellen is now welcoming the whisky community, connoisseurs, and collectors to register their interest to visit the distillery for the opportunity to experience a world leading immersion into experimentation in Scotch. For more information, visit

Posted by Mark at 2024-03-19 14:41:51 UTC