Enjoyed a great, insightful and engaging virtual tasting yesterday, with us lucky to sample some Saburomaru whiskies, via The Whisky List. The whiskies on taste: X Persona Blended, 46% The Sun Blended, 48% Junenmyo Rouge Blended, 46% The High Priestess Single Malt, 48% Far East of Peat No. 5 Blended Malt, 50% It was really insightful to not only learn about, this distillery, distiller and Japan, as well as the Japanese industry. But the unique still designed and utilised by Saburomaru, which are molded using techniques of utilising sand - usually used to create huge statues. The link here is a blog about a released animation film, which features the distillery and the stills:- Komada - A Whisky Family premiered in 166 theatres across Japan. https://88bamboo.co/blogs/news/komada-a-whisky-family-premiers-in-japan-featuring-phantom-japanese-ib-whisky https://youtu.be/zQr7DsH9knQ?si=qFxWcvpGIMy9ENNv

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2024-02-29 07:50:31 UTC