I'm confused about the language of the marketing fluff surrounding the new Teeling Single Malt Crystal Malt whiskey. It's a brand new release (within the last week or so) as Mark mentioned in the latest podcast. From the marketing release, it's called "the World’s First Single Malt Crystal Malt Irish Whiskey!". But I have seen Teeling releases of Crystal Malt floating about the marked for many years. Binny's had a Teeling Single Malt Crystal Malt single cask release last year. And Vom Fass has been selling 23yo Irish Single Malt Crystal Malt with the description "from the Teeling distillery" (obviously from father John's old stock) which I remember seeing as long ago as 2019 - meaning Cooley produced it in the early to mid 1990s. So, how can this be called a "World's First"? 😕 Mark - any chance you can corner Alex and ask him about that?

Posted by dankovci at 2024-01-24 04:07:02 UTC