A topical question here, but I just wonder what everyone’s opinion is on the following statement? Are some people who purchases a lot of whisky, become addicted to this act. Are they addicted to feeling the urge, desire and then experiencing the buzz of landing some additional bottles for their collection? Obviously a lot of us like to open, explore a whisky and others like to have their collection stored and be untampered. But I had a provoking question, is the buying of say new releases, maiden bottling or just the act of FOMO just as bad as someone who may be addicted to vaping, smoking or younger people stuck viewing their life on a screen or social media? The question was given to me by my two daughters, who say that my reading of books, listening to podcasts and purchasing habits all usually involve whisky. After, I called them out for being engrossed too much on their iPads!!

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2024-01-22 16:03:51 UTC