We're going to se a lot of 200th anniversaries for Scotch whisky distilleries this year. The Macallan has already unveiled a 200th anniversary logo, and today, The Glenlivet is unveiling an anniversary whisky... 15th January 2024: The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt that set the Speyside style, raises a dram to two centuries of whisky craftsmanship, honouring its rich legacy whilst committing to forever moving forwards and continuously setting new standards in whisky for the next 200 years. To mark this historic milestone, 2024 will see a year of celebrations with bold and original innovations and initiatives, the first being the launch of The Glenlivet 200 Year Anniversary Limited Edition 12-Year-Old. The new expression, crafted by The Glenlivet team of makers and matured in 100% first fill American Oak casks, features tasting notes of ripe, juicy pear, coconut shavings and creamy vanilla, complemented by aromas of fresh tangerines, pineapple slices and indulgent crème caramel. The artwork for the limited-edition single malt was selected through a crowdsourcing campaign, whereby The Glenlivet invited emerging artists worldwide to submit their take on its ethos of forever moving forwards. The winning bicentennial design from Studio Berdi in Colombia encapsulates The Glenlivet's journey from its inception by bold founder George Smith, to the whisky’s current status as a pioneering single malt, stepping into the next 200 years of innovation and excellence. Since The Glenlivet’s inception, the single malt has challenged conventions with its avant-garde spirit. From pushing boundaries of flavour and craftsmanship through exceptional distinctive casks such as the world’s first whisky finished in Cognac casks, to redefining whisky consumption through the innovative The Glenlivet Capsule Collection and The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails, the whisky has been at the forefront of pioneering initiatives. Jayne Murphy, Chivas Brothers Marketing Director, Malts commented: “This year is an important landmark anniversary for The Glenlivet as we look back to look forward towards the next 200 years. Since our founder George Smith introduced Speyside single malt whisky to the world in 1824, we’ve been committed to challenging conventions and will continue to craft the future of single malt whisky while setting new and uncharted standards of excellence. We extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone to join us in raising a dram with our celebratory limited-edition 12-Year-Old and we look forward to the celebrations to come throughout the year. Here’s to the next 200 years!” The Glenlivet 200 Year Anniversary Limited Edition 12-Year-Old is available now at The Whisky Exchange for £51.95. To learn more about The Glenlivet’s 200-year celebrations, please visit TheGlenlivet.com or follow us @TheGlenlivet.

Posted by Mark at 2024-01-15 17:49:58 UTC