I attended an exceptional night of whisky yesterday starting with a flight of Lagavulin followed by Macallan. The Lagavulin's were consistently good with the 18 YO Feis from 2018 being the highlight. The Macallan's were more varied with the Cask Strength being the highlight for me and the 10 YO Fine Oak being the low. Looking at overall value for money, the night confirmed two things for me: 1. The Lagavulin 16 YO is the most complex, yet still reasonably affordable, standard issue peated whisky on the market. 2. There is no value to be found in Macallan for the average consumer, which I consider myself to be. It is really a whisky for collectors. The exception being when friends pull old bottles out of their collections to share, like last night!

Posted by tyrone.cotie at 2024-01-07 14:24:01 UTC