Tonight’s dram, I decided to open a bottle gifted to me earlier this year for my 40th. Talisker 11 Year Old Special Release 2022. Lightly peated stocks from ex-bourbon casks. ABV: 55.1% On the initial nose get that light peaty aroma, along with a sweet saline like scent. Reminded me of picking up pieces of strewn rope, off the beach which has been exposed to the elements and seems to be marinated by the ocean 🌊. On the palate, it’s a liquid which is dominated by those sharp, salty and peat notes. Definitely some spice like black pepper which also has a hotness to the finish. Below is the link from the outer carton, which takes the inquisitive person to a animated scene, filled with the other bottles in this series, so they can be viewed and purchased. For the extent of the details for the legend used as the inspiration for this bottle, their seems to be missing more interesting details about the liquid. QR code

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-12-28 12:05:04 UTC