I need your help understanding. My wife says I am impervious to most marketing. When it comes to whisk(e)y, I could care less - to put it nicely - about the "story" behind a brand or particular bottling. Which is why I always roll my eyes when people give their spiel. Think Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix. Or the Talisker Glacial Edge that Mark recently tasted. Or Never Say Die bourbon that Mark just featured in Whiskycast In-Depth (which was all story and little to none on ingredients, distillation and aging. IDGARA as Robin William's Patch Adams said). What I care about are the ingredients, distillation and aging process, and exactly how old it is. Here's where I need your help: why are you so interested about the marketing story? Isn't that inconsistent with your recent comments here from November about how you think the packaging is a waste and you just want the bottle because, "I just care about the liquid inside the bottle" ? How does that sentiment coexist with buying a bottle after being sold by the story, which has nothing to do with the "liquid inside the bottle?" (P.S. I am happy I am a blue-colored nosing glass for marketing. It cuts through the B.S.) Thanks for your conversation.

Posted by lawschooldrnk at 2023-12-21 14:06:56 UTC