This bottle is almost impossible to find in my neck of the woods (New Brunswick, Canada). Word got out that the provincial liquor agency was sitting on 50 or so cases following the Spirits Festival last month. Some were released on Saturday night with rumours of people buying 8 bottles at a time. I showed up Sunday when the closest store to me opened and got one (by then they had implemented what appeared to be a spontaneous limit of 1 bottle per customer). The website was showing 50 or so bottles left this morning. Then word got out the remaining bottles would be distributed to different stores across the province. Within minutes (and before the stores opened) the online bottle count was down to 1 prompting all kinds of chatter online. People want to know where those 50 bottles went. This is about as dramatic as things get on a Tuesday in New Brunswick ;)

Posted by Denis at 2023-12-19 19:03:16 UTC