I saw a Never Say Die bottle tucked away in the tasting cabinet at White Peak Distillery back in February when I visited my local whisky maker. Those first bottles were only in the UK for a few months before bottling and probably had more influence from the boat than the damp depths of Derbyshire. I think it's an interesting idea that almost reminds me of Buffalo Trace's (I think?) project looking at different parts of the tree for their maturation barrels. It would be fascinating to have barrels of a spirit run even spread around the US, from Arizona and Texas to Florida and Oregon to see how climate changes it. Anyway, as older NSD stocks build it will be curious to see if it has an impact on flavour or if the climates are just too similar. I just wish they'd sell it at White Peak Distillery so I didn't have to pay for more shipping from elsewhere, and it could be included in their tour.

Posted by Chris Ratcliff at 2023-12-19 15:22:43 UTC