1990’s v 2020’s. Little if anything at all has changed in the production of Jim Beam White Label in this time. The 2020’s bottle has been open for around a year. The 1990’s one opened today. Nose: 1990’s - oaky vanilla, fresh corn and cereal 2020’s - weirdly struggled to pull anything apart from faint vanilla and hay Palate: 1990’s - rounded and rich. Vanilla, spice and nutty 2020’s - watery, grassy spice and vanilla Finish: 1990’s & 2020’s - short and sweet. If blind tasted, would probably go for the 1990’s but as it wasn’t tasted blind, maybe a teeny bit swayed with wanting it to be better than today.

Posted by Mr Pie at 2023-12-03 09:58:09 UTC