This whisky comes from a local craft distillery LDM (Last Mountain Distillery) in Saskatchewan Canada.   It is a 5 year old wheat whisky finished in red wine casks from California. It’s 45% APV non-chill filtered natural colour and a single cask release.   Noise: When first poured, there are hints of citrus and honey.  (The bottle says something different) I let the whisky sit for about 5 minutes before taking a sip.   Taste: It starts with a buttery Carmel and moves into black pepper. The mouthfeel is silky smooth.   The finish is nice but does not linger.   I found the longer the whisky is in the glass, the more the Carmel comes out with some butterscotch followed by a spicy black pepper flavor on the back of the tongue.   I’m extremely impressed with this whisky my personal score a 92.  

Posted by Canuck sloth at 2023-11-30 18:40:21 UTC