Now that more distilleries and services are popping up doing tastings at home, what do we think to different types of packaging of our precious drams? Glass is both reusable and recyclable, but I got a Whisky Me subscription as a present with each dram in a baby food pouch. Once decanted into a glass, I don't know if it's really any different - it certainly doesn't feel like it - and they can easily be posted in a shipping bag rather than a box and careful packaging. Also Whisky Me offers a free dram for every 10 pouches you send back to be recycled, and if you're a sipper then you can squish the bag up to push the air out to preserve those whiskies for longer. Though, if you like the pouches because they're easier to drink on the go... there's other issues we need to discuss! Does the container matter if the contents are unaffected? Or is whisky like Coca Cola and just tastes better in glass?

Posted by Chris Ratcliff at 2022-09-22 12:30:15 UTC