Cooper King distillery, has achieved the status of Net Zero energy. being the first English Whisky distillery to reach this milestone. Personally, I have don’t know much about Cooper King or their first release was a sell out in ten minutes. “The first release launched on Tuesday 24th October 2023, and sold out within 10 minutes.” See below some of the methods mentioned on their website: To bring you an outstanding, hand-made, Yorkshire single malt whisky, we focus on flavour and provenance, not quantity. Our small team values craftsmanship. The mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturation and bottling of Cooper King whisky all happen on site, creating an authentic whisky influenced by our Yorkshire surroundings and inspired by experiences in Tasmania. - ENGLISH HERITAGE BARLEY - TRADITIONAL FLOOR MALTING - HAND MASHING - LONG FERMENTATION - SLOW DISTILLATION IN TASMANIAN COPPER - SMALL CASKS

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-11-01 15:57:56 UTC