Hey guys, I hope it’s okay that I share this with you. And signing up for this app and starting conversations with you guys actually inspired me to finally go through with this English whisky channel. I’ve been thinking about doing an English Whisky channel for years now but never really did it because I always found excuses. The German Whisky YouTube channel Malt Mariners was more than enough work but it never felt quite right because I never could connect with all the lovely people I met on the road in the last 10 years. To me Whiskys mother tongue is English and it always will be. Therefore, I would love to connect with some of you on my English channel to get things rolling. It will be a bit clunky at the start but I’m very excited to finally start doing reviews in English. ❤️ https://youtube.com/@MaltMariners-WhiskyRoads?si=4pC3k8IivBRka6fL

Posted by Leon - Malt Mariners at 2023-10-27 21:03:29 UTC