My local whisky club, the Single Malt Society of Madison, just launched our first ever cask partnership with a distillery, Awildan, which was founded and is run by a former club member. We’re doing one barrel of peated and one of unpeated whisky from Wisconsin grains, and we’ve lined up a Sauternes cask to finish the unpeated and a new ex-bourbon cask for the peated. Each share is expected to yield 3 bottles circa 2028. At $60 per share for the unpeated and $85 per share for the peated, it works out to be a surprisingly good potential value. Photo from the Awildan website; so far they’ve been bottling excellent gins and rums, with a delightful Poitín added to the lineup this year as the distillery’s first whiskies go into barrels. Tastiest new make spirit I’ve had since I got to sample Knob Creek’s white dog. Both are absolute bombs of creamy buttered popcorn flavors, not a harsh note to be found even straight off the still.

Posted by Scott Rogers at 2023-10-26 21:55:45 UTC