Just back from an amazing week of delivering Glengoyne and Tamdhu Masterclass’s throughout Germany. I was even lucky enough to end my tour on a pouring of Rosebank 31 in Munich. Highlight of the trip on day one- Vinisky - Whisky Specialist retailer Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12 35440 Linden Dram of the night: 11 year old Privately owned Glengoyne Single cask Ruby Port wood. Honourable mention: A Langs Brothers 5 year old Blend bottled in 1960 I’m relatively new to the European Markets for Whisky…here’s me just thinking it was mostly Scot’s who drank it, but Germany has so far produced some of the biggest Malt Maniacs and Drambassadors I’ve ever seen. Anyone a fan of the German Whisky scene? Or any great stories of Whisky in Germany?

Posted by michael.brownIMD at 2023-10-23 14:26:00 UTC