Please see attached an article from The Spirits Business, in regards to a scotch distillery, trialling a new upgrade to 5G network communications. This has now been identified as a potential way forward for distilleries to invest in, to increase efficiency, enhance cask management and improve safety. But will this mean we will see a lose of more employees on the floor? (Efficiency breeds redundancy) Will it result in losing a spirits character, or notes that identify a particular distillery? Inventory of casks, just to begin to tagging casks would be a monumental task? Cyber security and malware attacks would have to be a serious consideration. Being someone who works with Smart technology and monitoring instrumentation, I do like to see a control system. However, I feel some distilleries will lose their characters both in the liquid and human form.

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-10-19 02:33:46 UTC