Just finished and absolutely great tasting, organised by Australia’s The Whisky List and it’s always fantastic to listen to Dave Worthington again. TWL That Boutique-y virtual tastings Tasting Order: #1 Bunnahabhain 29yo (Batch 12) 40.5% #2 Clynelish 25yo (Batch 11) 47.1% #3 Blended Whisky 40yo #1 (Batch 10) 48.3% #4 Millstone 25yo (Batch 5) 46.5% #5 Ben Nevis 25yo (Batch 16) 55.8% #6 Ledaig 19yo (Batch 19) 59.1% Millstone was by far the best voted then a tie between the Clynelish and Ledaig. But there was not one bad whisky to be provided. The millstone for me, was very sweet on the nose like maple syrup on pancakes, with a drier, deeper flavoursome finish like a rich desert. Bunnahabian was a unique dram as it had a peaty note, but was distilled prior to the distillery starting to do their peat production. Clynelish provided a lovely thick oily, waxy and textured liquid, where I found a lovely fresh mint note. The Ben Nevis gave a certain impression on the nose, like parsnips, neeps and Tatties. But this did not justify this great dram when tasting. Check out the whisky list on YouTube over the next few days for the posted VT.

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-10-18 09:41:25 UTC