Partly "cheating" about Whisky (lol), with something tasted at "The Gin Addict" show in Paris yesterday...(Yes I do like whisky, but I always been opened to other spirits, even before tasting any whisky). It is a French "Fine de Bourgogne" (it means an eau-de-vie, aka a spirit, here made of wine, so distilled, indeed) finished in an ex-Islay Single-malt cask (I was told it is a Caol Ila) from SAB'S Burgundy distillery doing different products including different kind of gins (& this was an "under the counter dram'"). The Islay malt influence is clear, but not overpowering, you can still feel the initial spirit, but no wineyness that I found in some other of their flavoured gins or fines (I don't like too much wineyness) and the result is a fantastic "UFO" is a 9 years old spirit, coming at 56 % abv !

Posted by Greg's Whisky Guide at 2022-10-24 10:18:36 UTC