NOT ALL BOTTLED WATERS ARE THE SAME! This is obvious but really came to light this week when a water expert presented at whisky club Thursday night. She brought four types of bottled water with varying salt contents (see pic for details). We had the members pair each water with one of four cask strength whiskies to dilute with the waters to see their effects. The whiskies were - Glen Scotia 9 (SMWS 93.184) - Nikka from the Barrel - Wild Turkey Rare Breed - Peat‘s Beast Most people found - the saltiest water (sample A) gross on its own and with most whiskies - but the Nikka from the Barrel went well with all of them - the second saltiest (sample B) water was the preferred pairing, even over the water that was virtually distilled (C). Question: Does anyone know of a bottler that searches for and uses a unique water to accentuate the desires flavors (rather than using the local or convenient water)? @Mark @Ian - 101 Whiskies - Buxton

Posted by WhiskyRanked at 2023-09-30 17:47:58 UTC