Great birthday gift from the family to attend a tour and masterclass at Perths first whiskey distillery - Whipper Snapper. Very innovative in their approach to distilling. All grains sourced from their home state of WA. Most casks are new American oak from Missouri, Ozark Mountains. One of many unique aspects, is their upshot whiskey which is barrelled at 43%, aged 2 years and bottled at cask strength of 43% The drinks sampled were: 1. Dark and stormy cocktail 2. New make crazy uncle 3. Barrel aged new make 6 weeks (3 months in winter) 4. Upshot corn mash 43% in and out of barrel (cask strength) 2 years 5. Project Q Quinoa (Golden variety) $4.5k per tonne compared to $600-800 for normal grains 46.5% 6. Jet pack cold brew coffee with cask strength moonshine batch 1 35% 7. Upshot cask strength diluted to 63% from 65% out due to extra year in cask 3 years 8. Wheat Whiskey 55% in barrel and 45% in bottle. 4 years in cask for entering comps 9. Rye whiskey 55% and 48% in bottle. Rye variety taken over from Germany originally 10. Single Malt Spartacus grain collaboration with Frank batch 11. Red Corn Whiskey 2 years in barrel 43%

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-09-16 09:12:56 UTC