Tas Whisky Week 2023 Day 5 evening. After a relaxing day tonight was going to be busy, I had booked my self on The Meet the Makers night, This is a bit like speed dating with Distillers. But I had also got an invited to an event run by a local bottle shop Called Destination Cellars, This was a Highwayman Whisky(From Byron Bay run by Dan Woolley vs Killara , Overeem and Heartwood, So I decided I would go to the start of the Meet the Makers night then nip off to the other event which started slightly later than the earlier event. So at the Meet the Makers event the Distilleries which attended are Transportation Whiskey(Correct Spelling as its from Irish Heritage) Hunter Island, Lower Marshes, Derwent Valley, Old Kempton and Battery Point. I was got chance to chat to three of the distillers before my lift was here to take me to the other event. It was great to sit down and chat with 7 other people and the distiller. And be able to ask them questions. So I arrived at the next event and I had missed the first 30 minutes the but the drams where still at the table for me to try. Now this event each distiller brought a dram to try and beat Dan Woolley and his Highwayman Whisky. Think it may have been fixed again as Each Tasmanian Distiller won, It was a fun night with some amazing drams and great people. Again if coming to Tasmania check out if Destination Cellars have any events on. We retired back to the Hotel along with a couple of people and had a few drams and a chat, This week has been amazing and there is two more days to go.

Posted by GaryHN at 2023-09-09 07:37:25 UTC