Tas Whisky Week 2023 Day 5. Daytime Day 5, Been a long week and only a few days left. Today we decided to have an easy day and just planned to visit two distilleries, But I had two tasting to goto. So first up was the short drive from Hobart to Richmond where we grabbed some breakfast and had a look at the amazing shop in Richmond that is Drink Tasmania Tasting House. This is an amazing place to visit if you want to try different whiskies and other Tasmanian drinks(We have some great wine and beer down here too) but haven't got the time to travel around. I called our next distillery to see if they would like a coffee bringing out to them.(This is how friendly we are down here, Coffee bought for the distiller) We headed up the road for 5 mins and arrived at Killara Distillery. Killara Distillery is owned by Kristy Booth-Lark (Her dad used to make Whisky) Yes Kristy is Bill Larks daughter. She used to make a lot of whisky for Lark back in the days and now makes Whisky, Gin and Vodka at her distillery. Its been amazing seeing this distillery move and grow at its new location, Kristy is slowing making amazing gardens here so she can get her own botanicals for her gins. And wants to eventually grow her own barley. For Tasmanian Whisky Week Kristy had bottled a Bourbon cask which is one of my picks of the weeks drams for TWW23. We got to try a few different whiskys here (Kristy gave me a sample with me driving and not being able to try any) the guys had a great time here and loved all the whisky they tried. Killara is another great distillery with a great group of people working here and in Summer they have Friday night events with music and food. If coming down its worth looking out for them. Another distillery with a lovely dog, Bonnie(Photo attached.) Next we took a 25 minute driver up to Old Kempton Distillery. Old Kempton Distillery is located in the town of Kempton and it used to be called Redlands, But due to moving from the Redlands estate to Kempton they changed their name. Old Kempton is in an old building with probably the best toilet area at any distillery. Here the guys tried a flight of whisky before we headed back to Hobart for our event in the evening. Will post more on the evening events soon.

Posted by GaryHN at 2023-09-09 07:11:33 UTC