Day Four Tas Whisky Week 2023, The plan for today was an epic day which turned out even better. 2 distilleries visit a visit to a legendary bond store and a night with some of the Founders of Tasmanian Whisky. Got up early and big breakfast today. Picked up another couple of friends for our first couple of stops. Stop one a trip to the magical bond store of one Mr Tim Duckett of Heartwood fame. (If you have not heard of Heartwood it was one of the earliest Independent Bottlers in Australia in the modern history of Australian Whisky, Heartwood have won lots of awards and have a big fan base with a lot of their whisky's selling out before they even get onto the webpage) Visiting Heartwood Bond store is always amazing(Gutted I was the driver) The people got to try a vast range of Heartwood and TIB whisky and gin including some straight from the barrel which is always a great experience. We also got chance to try Dregs which is a release that TIm does from time to time of bits from the bottom of all his other barrels mixed together, (For anyone who manages to get a bottle of this you will not be disappointed. After visiting Heartwood we had the long journey(approx. 500 metres ) to Overeem, Overeem was one of the distilleries that Australia Whisky Holdings took over when they also bought Lark. Roll on a few years later and Overeem was sold back to the Overeem Family, With Mark and Jane taking it over, This was one of the best bits of new in the modern Australian Whisky History. Mark and Jane take the same care over the process as Janes dad Casey. Its always a pleasure to visit the distillery which is located about 20 minutes South of Hobart near Kingston. The bond store used to be one of the original bond stores for Lark Distillery(Which was funny as Jane and Mark were speaking about this and in pops Mr Lark himself with his good friend Mark Nicholson and Dan Woolley) This was great timing and extra special for the tour group, We went into the bond store and got to try a few drams from a couple of barrels. Then we went back into the distillery and chatted some more before heading off to the next distillery. This was another new distillery for me, Eden distillery located in Collinsvale just a short 20 minute drive from Hobart, The drive up to Eden distillery was amazing, Would be happy visiting anytime, Once we arrived Dale showed us around the small distillery and explained his process. Dale put on an amazing platter of food with some amazing cheese that paired nicely with the whisky he offered us, (Overeem and Eden both did an amazing job providing the driver with Take Away samples to enjoy when they got home) The labels on Eden's whisky are a work of art and we suggested he makes them into T-Shirts. Eden is another great addition to the Tasmanian Whisky scene and well worth keeping a look out for if you see it. After Eden Distillery we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evenings Founding distilleries night. I will make another post on this next so I can include a few more pictures. If you have any questions happy to answer them. Gary

Posted by GaryHN at 2023-09-04 12:44:05 UTC