My spirits history roughly goes like this: In high school and college, I looked for the least-bad beer I could nurse all night long. Which usually meant a Guinness. Visited Scotland for the first time in 2000. At the airport leaving the country, I spent the final pounds in my pocket on a Balvenie 10 and a Loch Dhu. Hated both. Gave the Balvenie to a partner at my wife’s firm, who to this day thanks me. Poured the Loch Dhu down the drain. A few years later, had my mind blown by a margarita at a Virginia bar. Spent years reconstructing and perfecting a margarita recipe to match the bartender’s masterpiece. Moved to Wisconsin, found a whisky club. Discovered that Balvenie was, for me, the perfect intro Whisky even as Balvenie moved from a base expression of 10 years to 12. Sampled all kinds of Smokey Islay and Campbeltown bottles, learned that I’m an Ardbeg smokehead. Anyway, point is that a margarita was a turning point in my evolution toward appreciating fine whisky. Thanks, Jimmy! And the margarita recipe: 2oz tequila, 1-1/2oz fresh lime juice, 1/2oz orange liqueur, splash of orange juice. Shake with ice, strain over ice.

Posted by Scott Rogers at 2023-09-03 05:47:35 UTC