As I have a backlog of whisky drams to try, I thought I’d pick one new to me. This is the army rations* Annandale 5 year old single cask at 50%. The nose is honey, caramel and hints of apricot and almond. The taste is sweet but with depth. There’s some heat from the alcohol, the front is honeyed peaches which gives way to a herbal, slightly vegetably finish. It loses the sweetness quickly. According to the accompanying card - which I’ve just read - this seems to have spent five years in an Olorosso Sherry butt and…. I get that now. They say cherry cola, it’s more like a funky Dr Pepper to me, though the first taste definitely is more that sweet Umeshu sweet/sharp stone fruit thing, but I think that’s still partially age. It needs a couple more corners knocked off for me. A nice whisky for those who prefer a drier Olorosso Sherry maturation, maybe one to watch in the future. * Not actual army rations.

Posted by Chris Ratcliff at 2022-10-20 20:48:01 UTC