Day Three, Tas Whisky Week 2023, Today we head South from Launceston for a 195 km (120 mile) journey to Hobart, This was a fairly quiet day as Aaron and Tash had booked an evening tour to McHenrys for a Fire and Tails night. So we set off in time to stop at a couple of distilleries, First up was Callington Mill. one of the newest and biggest distilleries in Tasmania. The scale for a Tasmanian distillery is impressive. Built next to the Old Callington Mill with windmill still on site. We only had a quick look around. (I actually got a better look into Callington Mill Last weekend will post about this soon) Next was the short hop down the road to Lower Marshes Distillery. Lower Marshes Distillery has been built on Corey and Laurens Farm with their friend Steve. Its Another distillery in a shed near the house but what makes this a stand out is the fact that they are a true paddock to bottle, With the grain being grown in the paddock,(The day we visited they where actually planting the grain) Malted on site and brewed and distilled all on site. ( I often wonder how many distilleries actually do this around the world(Be interesting if you know @Mark )) We got to taste the full range including a limited release for TWW2023 of a single cask Pinot barrel release. After this we headed off to Hobart so they could check into the hotel and catch the tour to McHenrys. I relaxed for a bit then went to The New Sydney Hotel just to take some pictures of the Tasmania vs New Zealand night, I stopped for a short while on got some pictures and wished I had booked for this event. Got chance to meet Greg Ramsey who was there to represent New Zealand as he is the owner of a distillery over there but he hails from Bothwell in Tasmania(Home of Nant) Will chat more about Greg in my post about last weekend at Ratho Farm. After this I headed to the Airport to pick up another friend and Whisky Legend Dan Wooley who had come down for another event on the Friday night with his new Distillery Highwayman, Some people may remember Dan from Beam Suntory as he was the Ambassador for them in Australia. This is how I met him due to my love of Laphroaig. I took him to his hotel and had an early night ready for a full on Thursday with 4 distilleries to visit.

Posted by GaryHN at 2023-08-29 01:58:33 UTC