Hey everyone, I love doing blind tastings. It keeps one honest! Tonight’s blind tasting consists of 3 Peated whiskies: Ardbeg 10; Talisker Dark Storm; and Kilchoman Sanaig. Let the blind tasting begin… . Sample 1: At first Old smoke, menthol, pepper, and pitted fruits on the nose. As it sets a very nice cherry cake emerges on the nose. Unfortunately simple on the palate and I am just getting a soapy pepper with none of the fruity sweetness. A bit ashy on the finish. . Sample 2: Compared to the first sample I get much more menthol/camphor and a campfire smoke on the nose. As it sits it simplifies to campfire and sandalwood on the nose. Honest on the palate, it’s more campfire and sandalwood! . Sample 3: Relatively sweet compared to the first two, pine sol, wood chips, and pepper on the nose. As this sample sits all kinds of Christmas cake comes out on the nose. Fruity on the front of the palate and then campfire and pepper on the back. . Sample 3 gets the win tonight due to the fruitiness and complexity. Both sample 1 and sample 2 are a bit drab on the palate but sample 2 gets the edge over 1 because the soapy note is a real turn off for me tonight. And the samples are… . Sample 3: Ardbeg 10 Sample 2: Kilchoman Samaig Sample 1: Talisker Dark Storm

Posted by WhiskyRanked at 2022-10-20 19:08:08 UTC