Another update on the whisky consumption habits of the community and a recap for those who missed it or weren’t here for the last analysis. The community was previously asked how many days per week they drink whisky and what they drink on days they don’t have any. It was deduced that most people enjoy whisky for only a few days out of the week on average, and on other days the vast majority don’t consume any other alcoholic drinks. Even within the minority of people who have whisky most days in the week, half of them take a dry month or week here and there. Is there perhaps any correlation between the frequency that people drink and the amount of whisky they have on hand? Out of people who drink whisky a minimum of three days or more per week, 2/3 have more than 20 bottles open at any given time! Only 38% of those who drink whisky less than three days a week have that many bottles open. This suggests some correlation between the frequency of consumption and the number of open bottles. Finally, the motivation for having over 20 bottles open at a time among everyone, whether they are frequent whisky drinkers or not, is resoundingly that they like tasting a variety of flavours and having something that fits the mood or situation. The volume that people consume was not accounted for and may be a bit of an oversight. However, the information already gleaned suggests that the community overall takes their time to enjoy an eclectic selection of whiskies. I am honestly not surprised, but some of the results of the polls were intriguing, nonetheless. You can check out all the individual polls for the exact results.

Posted by Willem Kilian at 2023-08-13 17:48:19 UTC