Yesterday I learned about the unfortunate fire that occurred at the Adam’s Distillery in Perth, Tasmania. This incident resulted in an employee becoming seriously injured as well as causing millions of dollars of damage. However, the incident was mentioned as the podcast I was listening too, believe that this fire has made the Australian authorities and regulators for Hazardous Areas to scrutinise the current condition of all distillery facilities and see if the equipment are installed as per regulations. I know when visiting distilleries in the Scotland hazardous area equipment is a serious concern, as it is in my own working experience which is an integral part of my job. Would this incident now be held as a watershed moment for the craft distillery community not only on Tasmania, but wider to Australia or beyond? Have there been any other incidents in the industry that have led to huge changes in regulations or guidelines?

Posted by iainbruce83 at 2023-07-27 00:40:56 UTC