Tonight’s Tipple, #007 The Naked Malt Bottled at 43% with no bottle statement as to natural color or chill filtering. The bottle extols us to “Live Naked!” and describes the whisky as ideal for a range of drinking, from sipping to mixing cocktails. Bought locally (East Brunswick, NJ) for $29.99, in the secret shop. It’s @literally $20 more at other local stockists. PREAMBLE: The website says that this is a blend of single malts, including Glenrothes, Glen Turret, Highland Park and Mcallan, which are blended under the hand of Diane Stewart and, critically, given a final maturation in first-fill sherry (Oloroso ?) casks for several months. You all know this, I’m sure. There is no age statement, but there’s also no hint of grassiness or spiritiness that would suggest something very young. COLOR: A deep red copper color with good legs and no sign of yellow or green in the mix. This is undoubtedly the result of the time spent in the first fill sherry casks. The whisky looks viscous. NOSE: Vanilla. French Vanilla, Floral, Mocha, Soft, Warm, Rounded, Parma Violets maybe? Sweet, Toffee? No raw alcohol. Very rounded and appealing. PALETTE: Is this what people mean by “Sherry Bomb”? Very raisiny fruit forward. Viscous. You can taste the solera and the sherry. Very much a consummation of the nose. There’s a subtle underlying slight bitterness that catches you under the tongue and gets attention. However, this isn’t a long and complex experience. It’s much more an appealing warm, slightly spicy, completely non-offensive and a definitely very VERY more-ish dram. Athough not a great whisky, it is very very good for the money. CONCLUSION: This isn’t a great whisky. There’s no complex in-glass development. It’s “what you see is what you get”, but what you get is a strong sherry influence and a very pleasant dram. Did I mention that this costs only $30? Or $50 if you don’t know where the Secret Shop is. Would in buy it again? Absolutely - it’s crazy good value. What do you think??

Posted by ScotShot at 2023-07-21 02:46:42 UTC