Happy Wednesday! 3:20 EDT There are new iOS and Android builds for mobile devices. I tried to post the QR Codes for you to use directly, but that did not seem to work well. Android is still building out, but below is iOS link. I will post Android in a few moments. For those already on mobile, the download and install will simply update your app, just as if you were receiving it from the app store. For those NEW (Welcome!), open the link, scan the QR Code, press the blue button, and follow the directions underneath it. After you grant permissions in your settings, return to the home screen, and you should see the app. You will need to log into the app with the same password as you used to sign up. Here are the links: iOS: https://download.disciplemedia.com/uk.co.disciplemedia.internal-live.whiskycast/3a060d70-0925-4a3f-a09e-208f1d4097f8/

Posted by Christina at 2022-10-19 19:22:52 UTC