While recently visiting Puerto Rico, I noticed something interesting about the whisky offerings. For background, you can purchase alcohol as soon as you get off the plane at the airport, at the large pharmacies, at the supermarket, and at liquor stores. It was interesting to see that the offerings at most of these retail locations were all the same: Dewar's (all expressions up to the 18 y/o, and the Caribbean Smooth), Johnnie Walker (all expressions), Chivas Regal (all expressions up to 18 y/o, Royal Salute at the airport), Buchanan's, Jack Daniels, and Woodford Reserve. Single malts? Only one: The Macallan (up to 18 y/o). I was wondering the entire time there why was this, and could only come up with perhaps the popularity aspect (based on demand). Any thoughts from the community on this? To be fair I did not visit an actual liquor store since most places I visited only have small, local stores that I know will carry lots of beer, lots of rum (main liquor on the island), and most likely the same whisky offerings I observed elsewhere. I know for a fact Cutty Sark is sold on the island, and I noticed a few single malts available at the airport bars, but kind of the mainstream offering were those I mentioned above. I am sharing this with the community so that if you visit, do not get disappointed if you cannot find something unique to buy. When in Puerto Rico, since rum is king, recommend perhaps picking up a local bottle of Don Q or Barrilito. Now to The Macallan and travel retail. The expressions on the pictures with this post are available at the airport. I was wondering if the community has tried any of these whiskies and what you think about them. Would you recommend any of these? I have a rare opportunity to ask for one to be purchased and brought over in August. Happy weekend to all.

Posted by Juan Cruz at 2023-07-01 12:53:24 UTC